MJ in the Community

Here you will find interviews with Mistress J. The Podcasts are linked. You will get an opportunity to discover her history, what motivates her, the complexities of her  24/7 TPE dynamic and meet her slave; male. If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact her with a clear proposal or your question. Thank you for visiting and learning more about this dynamic woman.

Kinky Cocktail Hour

Listen to this interesting interview to get a glimpse of Mistress J as Saffermaster and Lady Petra ask intriguing questions that you may have had as well.

August 05, 2022




In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffermaster chat with Mistress J and her slave "male" about consent in a 24/7 TPE dynamic.

July 19, 2021

Michael C. Welcomes Mistress J to the Keys and Anklets podcast to share her extensive experience as a Cuckoldress in a female lead relationship with her husband, whom she also refers to as her slave.  Mistress J gives a clear and enlightening description of her expression of a female lead relationship (FLR) and shares the development of this dynamic with her husband.  Michael and Mistress J discuss the tools in a dominant’s toolbox that keep the submissive attentive, engaged and satisfied in their role. Mistress J discusses her experience as a Cuckoldress and shares how cuckolding her slave feeds her insatiable spirit.  Mistress J’s expression of cuckolding and FLR is enlightening and leaves listeners wanting more. 

Ask any questions you like here or on the Keys and Anklets website. I'm happy to address any you might have.

July 09, 2021