What Is Your Narrative?

Hello; I’m Goddess, a sexual deity that gains sustenance from devouring Goddess Worshipper’s sexual power, their life force. My slave is my ultimate Goddess worshipper and my warrior slave. In another time and place he beheaded those that displeased me with a simple nod of my head. He stood at his post, watching as those who came to my temple with their tribute were given the honor of my inhaling their energy, the privilege of gazing into my eyes as I drained them of there resources and essence. Those less worthy were directed to the temple prostitutes to accept tribute and to be blessed by my female servants. That is our Narrative, it is the foundation of our dynamic and makes it cohesive and sane(to us). So; what is your narrative? Are you the head Mistress of a harsh boarding school and he your star pupil? Are you the stable owner and he simply one of your many stallions in your stable(or maybe your life partner is an ass and the others you have sex with are your stallions). You may be a sensitive leader, gently molding and training your puppy with positive affirmations and treats or you may be harsh and unyielding. There are no wrong answer to this question as long as both parties consent to the dynamic.

Take the time to contemplate what story line seems to resonate with you, your partner and the life you are living. Once a narrative has been agreed upon, the expression of the dynamic flows organically and is imbued with a natural power that feeds the Female in charge and assist the male in the mental exercise that must be done daily to war against the onslaught of messages that will batter him as he tries to give his submission to his Queen, his Prison warden, his Interrogator, his Domina, his Goddess. Whatever the narrative is that is created; it give the submissive a place to drive in the tent stakes and say with confidence; “This is us. This is the truest expression of

me.” With a new sense of purpose and meaning, the door to freedom is opened and the two can walk through together with joint purpose. So I will ask you again; What is your narrative? Remember, there are no wrong answers. 😉

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