It’s a Process of Becoming

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Like turning a ship on the sea, the changes occur slowly but you can suddenly look up and discover that you are going a different direct. The captain of the vessel had the intention to turn the ship and change course, even if those on the ship didn’t know any change was occurring.

Changes in direction in large ocean ships and in male training must be done slowly to provide the opportunity for success. You don’t want to capsize your dynamic.

What am I referring to with that lovely word picture; simply put, when the submissive bristles against the path the Lead is directing, grumbling in areas of disagreements, or resistance to the shedding of the willful, greedy, demanding self must be met with a never wavering plan. We as Mistresses, the female in a FLR, the life mate that demands her way, must be resolute. We must be demanding and we must not allow our fondness for our man/submissive/slave to cause us to soften or weaken our resolve. We must know what we want and demand it. We must demand obedience and when we are faced with an irritable submissive, we must straighten our back, take a deep breath and with steel in our eyes and grit in our voice reiterate what will be done. It is unacceptable for continued discussion to occur or more irritability to be sprayed on the Domme like silly string sprayed by a child carelessly. Obedience will occur. He does not have to like it. He must simply accept his fate.

Many outside of this community will hear this and think I am a bit*h, selfish, maybe even cold hearted. I won’t disagree, I have become more of a bit*h as I have aged. Candidly, I don’t give a fu*k what you think of me. Those closest to me know, love and accept me. They see my struggles and weaknesses but they also see my strength and tenacity and see it as a positive in my life.

I and all who lead men must see the journey of training a man as a process, it’s a process of becoming. Take hold of the wheel of the ship, take control of the man. Given enough time, you will both look up and be delighted to see that you are farther down the path of a Female Led relationship. The voyage is long and fraught with obstacles but with determination, and commitment to your chosen positions you will discover that you are moored to a 24/7 power exchange. When the winds blow; stay true to your course. Ladies, rule your men.

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