The Evolving FemDom Life

Where do you begin to write a blog when you have a story that is years in the making? My slave and I have been involved in a 24/7 FemDom dynamic for over two decades. We have had beautiful times of harmony, sweet kink connections and a lot of amazing sex but we have also had communication issues, boundary confusions and times wounds were inflicted that left lasting scars. Life situations change, the family shifts as children come along, individuals have personal and professional goals that alter as years go by and if a female led relationship is to have longevity you have to understand that it too will evolve. My slave and I have endured all of these and continue to make this dynamic our reality. I believe that our life together creates a unique voice for the online community. This blog will be a place to share our life experiences, kinky adventures, struggles and answer some of your questions. It is my hope that we can help your kink journey be filled with fewer self inflicted and unintentional bombshells. When we started down this road we didn’t have the internet to help us so it was on the job training and one book that launched us down this rabbit hole. Here you will see the reality of a strong, dominant man sacrificing daily to give the gift of submission to his Goddess, there will be laughter, tears, anger, and fear shared in concise authentic words. Thanks for joining us here. I hope you find encouragement. Welcome to my Blog, The Evolving FemDom Life. Resource: Different Loving: A Complete Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by Gloria Brame, Jon Jacobs, and William D. Brame.

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